SiS M671/M672 driver for xorg xserver 7.5 on Debian / Sidux

Fecha: February 2nd, 2010 | Categoría: Linux | 61 Comments »

I had problems when I did a dist-upgrade about two weeks ago on my Sidux installation (it's pretty much debian sid with a twist).

In the ubuntu forums, I found that someone had the same install that I have, and took the source that he compiled and tried to make it work on my laptop.

The error message I got was `undefined Symbol: resVgaIoShared` and apparently it was because the driver used a deprecated function of xorg.

Here is the source code.

Here is the install files (with instructions).

  • Wimfeijen

    Hi Esteban, could you please repost your driver because somebody took MegaUpload down?

  • Sigmacg2k

    if possible upload to another server, i really appreciate (Megaupload is gone...)

  • Stathis Man

    not exist please refresh it

  • Jordan16racal

    :( Where is the other download link? 

  • Quas

    Hey links died. PLease REfresh them

  • Michal Grňo

  • Jacob

    Could we have the source code as well, please?

    I have the same graphic card and devian version, and have been using the driver from B.Gerlich, changing the source code every time changes its API (which is once or twice per year). After the last change (all byte-swap macros in get only one parameter, instead of two) the driver compiled, but didn't run any more. So I thought I'd try your driver, but without source code it is of no (or little) use.

    So, please please, source code as well? Maybe even on github or similar, so everybody can make changes when the darn thing stops compiling with the latest

    Thanks a lot, Jacob.

    • Jacob

      Oh, and my sympathy to all my fellow sufferers who have this graphics card. I can very well remember the smiling face of the shopkeeper when I bought my laptop. "Yeees, Linux runs on this, no problem. No, sorry, you cannot try your Ubuntu live system on a new laptop before you buy, the management doesn't allow it. But I assure you everything will work smoothly. A friend of mine used this and had his system installed in five minutes."

  • invention13

    Can you refresh the links to the source code?
    I have an older PC I would like to try this on.